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Synonyms for damned

Synonyms for damned

Synonyms for damned

people who are condemned to eternal punishment

Related Words

expletives used informally as intensifiers

in danger of the eternal punishment of Hell

in a damnable manner

References in classic literature ?
All this took place in sight of not less than fifty white ship-carpenters, and not one interposed a friendly word; but some cried, "Kill the damned nigger
seize this damned witch, and hurl her from the battlements headlong she has betrayed us to the Saxon
A chance word I heard in that damned den set me on the wrong track.
There was a contained, prophetic energy in his utterances, even on the slightest affairs; he SAW the damned thing; if you did not, it must be from perversity of will; and this sent the blood to his head.
lest her sweet soul, amid its hallowed mirth, "Should catch the note, as it doth float - up from the damned Earth.
Oh, you're damned mule enough not to regret anything
I'm sorry to be so damned emotional, but for six months I've been starved for beauty.
The dinner was worse: sitting gorging there for over an hour, with nobody but a damned fool of a fashionable woman to talk to
No, no, Rosalie; you'll be such a damned long time over it--she shall hear me first--I'll be hanged if she doesn't
Warmest thing he ever slept under, but I'm damned if it could keep me warm, and I can go some myself.
Here, you Jim, git up, now, while I belt yer life out, you damned disorderly brat.
Wearied at last by their importunities, the Government said it would be damned if it gave anything.
If it wasn't for little Rawdon I'd have cut my throat this morning--and that damned villain's too.
Although, if she had been asked whether she supposed that in the future life, if he did not believe, he would be damned, she would have had to admit that he would be damned, his unbelief did not cause her unhappiness.
But that gentleman, in reply, surlily damned him for a thief and rebel as he was, and with many disinterested imprecations on his own eyes, liver, blood, and body, assured him that if it rested with him to decide, he would put a final stopper on the bird, and his master too.