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Synonyms for damnation



Synonyms for damnation

a denunciation invoking a wish or threat of evil or injury

Synonyms for damnation

the act of damning

the state of being condemned to eternal punishment in Hell

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However, Sison said the Chief Executive, who was his former student in college, could still save himself from eternal damnation by reopening the stalled peace talks with the communist rebels.
Marq de Villiers's Hell and Damnation is a comprehensive guide to all things Hades, not to be left behind on the next trip to the underworld.
Throughout "Damnation Island" we learn of the extraordinary Reverend William Glenney French as he ministers to Blackwell's residents, battles the bureaucratic mazes of the Department of Correction and a corrupt City Hall, testifies at salacious trials, and in his diary wonders about man's inhumanity to man.
He noted that he always had trouble reconciling eternal damnation with God's mercy, especially because he had family members who appeared to have died "in sin."
Scott was ecstatic at getting the Damnation part after another actor walked off the project days before filming began last year.
Others starring in "Damnation" are Sarah Jones, Chasten Harmon, Melinda Page Hamilton, Christopher Heyerdahl and Joe Adler.
But if you take the bad tempered Old Testament law book literally, kids would also be executed for swearing at parents and we'd face damnation for eating prawn sandwiches.
Madison, WI, October 02, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Damnation Books and Eternal Press are please to release six new titles in October 2015.
ISTANBUL, Dhu-AlHijjah 7, 1436, Sep 21, 2015, SPA -- Tens of thousands of flag-waving demonstrators rallied in central Istanbul on Sunday to denounce violence by Kurdish rebels as the country's prime minister pledged damnation for the separatists, according to AP.
DamNation captures the relentless beating pulse of thousands of salmon returning against all odds to Washington State's Elwha River after nearly a century, the year after the removal of the Elwha Dam.
Which 19th century French composer wrote The Damnation of Faust?
Anti-Semitism is a "central plank" of the ideology of Houthi militants who control the region, Norland writes, and whose slogan"Death to America, death to Israel, damnation to the Jews"is chanted at rallies, painted on walls, broadcast over the airwaves.
DamNation is a documentary about the ecological toll that large, man-made dams take on the environment.