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in a damnable manner

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Daegu-based skatepunk band Drinking Boys and Girls Choir (DBGC), formed in 2012, signed recently to Damnably, which already counts Busan's Say Sue Me on its international roster.
(13) No original: "There's something damnably out of place in this landscape; something I can't understand.
That your lordship's honour's servant was too much poorly during the last rains and was resuscitated by much medicines which made magnificent excavations in the coffers of your honorable servant whose means are circumcised by his large family consisting of 5 female women and 3 masculine, the last of which are still taking milk from mother's chest, and are damnably noiseful through pulmonary catastrophe in their interior abdomen....'
"Those unfortunate enough to witness the Comet's arrival have been blinded by what they can only describe as a shifting, ephemeral hue of damnably abrasive intensity.
The damnably hard trick is establishing institutions that are viable and durable enough to make such trade-offs needless, over the long term, until most stop longing for the iron hand's allotment.
The irrepressible force of it makes it either redemptively wholesome or damnably dangerous.
And, if, like me, weight is an issue and you're diet conscious, so damnably waisty.
Indeed, her first direct remark to him suggests that she is disappointed that he did not actually sleep with all of these women: 'Why do you lye so damnably, so foolishly?' (MT, IV.
Even more damnably, while the MUSS agenda is used to justify the encouraging of gender-dysphoric children to live as an opposite-sex member, it's driven by MUSS adults who, in certain cases, have prurient motives.
Damnably dark, many of the elements comprising Otranto's vision of the future find their way in to House, although Hawthorne uses them to create a much different conclusion.
? CULT Japanese trio Shonen Knife celebrate their 35th anniversary with new album Damnably, out on April 1, and a full-scale UK tour that will feature a date at Birmingham's Oobleck on Saturday, April 16.
(22) In either case, whether he or she was sleeping or awake, a prolonged kiss could damnably suck forth the victim's soul.
This kind of mechanical obscenity is damnably tiresome.
And if one is inclined to endorse the view that Macbeth himself is the Third Murderer, (11) then his presence at the murder of Banquo can plausibly be interpreted as an allegorical representation of conscience's compunction to bear witness: not just to mortal crime but, more damnably, to the mortal sin of having transgressed divine law.
Although Tom is finally ready to acknowledge his guilt about the six-year affair that destroyed his marriage, Nighy makes sure that he remains the same damnably attractive sexist pig and unrepentant capitalist bandit he always was.