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Synonyms for damnable

Synonyms for damnable

deserving a curse


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"No, you don't mean it." And his mouth opened wide and he grinned all over his damnable moon-face.
I say, honest friend, since you have done so much, have the goodness to keep these damnable squaws, of whom you say so many interesting things, at a little distance, till I have got the blood of this arm in motion, and am ready to receive them."
The damnable luck!" cried De Montfort, "but a second more and the name we have sought for twenty years would have been writ.
It's damnable!" He looked enviously at the Grange, whose windows poured light and laughter.
"Hold!" said David, perceiving that with this assurance they were about to leave him; "I am an unworthy and humble follower of one who taught not the damnable principle of revenge.
But, at this point, there is no sailing around this damnable fact: The Chinese ship acted reprehensibly-in a 'contemptible and condemnable' manner, as Locsin did say-when it abandoned the 22 Filipino fishermen 'to the mercy of the elements.'
Really damnable act by all who facilitated this marriage which has destroyed the life of an unfortunate underage girl who really couldn't comprehend what has really happened with her.
We know the peculiarities of this period - hate and inflammatory speeches as well as consequent killings and other damnable actions in the religious and social spheres.
The result is truly up-to-date, a spaghettified open world racing network of sweeping bends, dangerous intersections and thrilling jumps, yet refreshingly devoid of modern piffle like waypoints, collectables and damnable loot crates.
"The way in which the efforts are being made to spread venomous propaganda against the Sangh under the guise of a court judgment is baseless and damnable. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh's court has no relation with this decision," General Secretary Suresh Joshi said in a statement.
It is the system, this damnable system of government, which is resented by the people.'
When we constantly conjure the direst scenarios, we risk looking like ignorable hysterics and bolstering his grandiose claims of martyrdom if events unfold in a less damnable fashion.
Let's not even mention Lucas's damnable Star Wars prequels.
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