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a chemical sprayed on fruit trees to regulate their growth so the entire crop can be harvested at one time


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Response of potted sunflower cultivars to daminozide foliar sprays and paclobutrazol drenches.
Domestically, 1990 marked the conclusion of a regulatory battle over the pesticide daminozide (known by its trade name, Alar) in which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Uniroyal Corporation (Alar's chief manufacturer), and environmental groups each contested the safety of Alar through opposing risk-based conclusions involving competing exposure models and dose-response relationships.
Some commonly used plant growth retardants include A-Rest[R], Alar[R] (daminozide), Cycocel[R] (chlormequat), Sumagic[R] (uniconazole), Bonzi[R] (paclobutrazol), Primo[R] (trinexapac-ethyl), PIX[R] (mepiquat chloride), Apogee[R] (prohexadione calcium), MH-30[R] (maleic hydrazide), and Cutless[R] (flurpirmidol).
Teratologic assessment of maleic hydrazide and daminozide and formulations of ethoxyquin, thiabendazole and naled in rats.
In perhaps its most famous fight, Mothers & Others, with actress Meryl Streep as spokesperson, led a campaign in the late 1980s against the use of the chemical daminozide. This suspected carcinogen, also known as alar, was sprayed on apples so they'd ripen simultaneously.
Alar, or daminozide, had been subjected to numerous tests that found it to be non-carcinogenic.
I think I was less hysterical than others, but I basically said the EPA said this chemical, daminozide, which is used to keep the apples fresh longer, has been shown to cause cancer in rats - and just saying that will terrify some people.
The report, which originated with the Natural Resources Defense Council, was highly critical of the use of the chemical daminozide, often called by its trade name, Alar.
Yet, when the public perceives a problem, such as it did with the use of daminozide (also known by the brand name Alar) on apples, grocers inevitably suffer.
* New calculations showed that children face an especially serious cancer risk from eating produce containing residues of agricultural chemicals, such as the daminozide used on apples (135: 133).
According to a recent segment on 60 Minutes, apples treated with Alar (the trade name for daminozide) are giving us cancer, and the risk is greatest for children.
But the FDA doesn't routinely test for daminozide, which was found in 83 percent of apples sold in 1986 and early 1987.
The controversy was triggered after Alar -- the trade name for daminozide, a chemical used to make apples crisper and more colorful -- was branded as a possible carcinogen by an anti-insecticide lobby calling itself the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).
Effects of BA, GA 4+7, and daminozide on fruit set, fruit quality, vegetative growth, flower initian, and flower quality of 'Golden Delicius' apple.