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large hardy very fragrant pink rose

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The deep tissue massages with their bespoke aromatic oils - called 'cloud' - extracted from Damask rose and Yas are relaxing and invigorating at the same time.
The Damask rose is the variety used in the production of rose water.
Damascus Countryside, SANA- Beyond being known for its heady fragrance, the Damask rose (Damascene rose or Rosa Damascena) is described as the queen of flowers and the ambassador of Syria to the world.
Sarkis, who's in charge of the farming side of their operation, tends to bushes of Jouri, or Damask roses, which can also be used for rose jams.
Think of the Bourbon, Musk, Cabbage and Damask roses that speak to the gardens of kings and commoners.
With its silky texture and a fragrance that hints of damask roses, Ott is the sublimely sophisticated standard by which all other roses are measured.
Zahra Rosewater distilled 100kg of pure essence after last year's June harvest of Damask roses, most of which was sold at $7,500 per kilo to makers of cosmetics and fragrances in the European Union, notably in Germany.
'I'm lucky enough to be able to rescue it from obscurity.': Early 'text-speak' gets the message across:Hugh Pugh's love poetry consists of several parts, such as this medium- length verse: Why do I Love, go ask The Alerious Sun, Why every Day he around the World doth run, Ask Thames and Tiber why they Ebb and flow, Ask Damask Roses why in June they grow.
REN Damask Rose body cream with rosehip seed oil, pounds 28.50, Dr Hauschka Rose body moisturiser, pounds 20 (01386) 792642, www.drhauschka.co.uk, and Naked Rose With No Clothes face wash, pounds 4.69, at Boots, all contain damask roses.
Liz Earle, botanical beauty specialist and skincare creator, says: "I'm hooked on the perfume from damask roses, so my beauty treat is to soak my hands in a basin of warm water sprinkled with a few drops of pure rose absolute.
As though I should not know damask roses from common violets." Unless otherwise noted, all translations are my own.
a frog waiting on a bed of damask roses, a centaur, crocuses wound in its horns, who can rescue him
Since the early morning, local farmers headed to the village's fields and started to pick the Damask roses which are renowned for their genuine fragrance and highest