damask rose

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large hardy very fragrant pink rose

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The majestic sights of the surrounding rugged mountains and terraced plateaus where the famed Damask roses bloom heighten the euphoria.
At the edge of the village is a beautiful field of Damask roses beside a mosque Rose gardens dot other parts of the village as well.
Called Blouse, this scent features the Damask rose at its centre, combined with notes of galbanum, pink peppercorn and white musk, among others.
Nearly 2,000 people work on his rose fields and factory processing organic perfumes and essential oils from Afghanistan's famous damask rose.
Sanctuary Spa White Lily & Damask Rose body scrub, PS6.50, and body butter, PS11, Boots
One version of the drink listed in a 17th and 18th century manuscript recipe book required two quarts of aqua vitae, infused with damask rose water, white sugar, raisins and ambergris - a substance produced in the digestive systems of whales.
Use a body scrub, like Sanctuary Spa White Lily and Damask Rose Body Scrub, PS6.50, Boots, twice a week to buff away dead skin cells.
At the heart of Diptyque's Rosa Mundi are two types of roses: the Damask rose, and Centifolia, or the May rose of Provence.
Yadav, "Volatile constituents of essential oil and rose water of damask rose (Rosa damascena mill.) cultivars from north indian hills," Natural Product Research, vol.
Keywords: Damask rose; Cutting; PGPR; Growth promotion; Environment
"The link between Agros and products made from roses derives from the fact that the damask rose has been grown in the area for over a hundred years," the EC announcement said.
Florals such as iris with powdery violet accents, damask rose with violet leaf and lily of the valley, gardenia, jasmine and other white floral accords interpreted with osmanthus, coconut and neroli oil from orange blossoms possess a subtle hint of seduction and allure, alongside elegance and charm, Burns notes.
According to the definition, the Bulgarian attar of roses is an essential oil obtained by means of the steam distillation of flowers of the Damask rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) and is an oily transparent liquid with yellow or yellowish green colour, with characteristic aroma of roses.