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Synonyms for damaging

Synonyms for damaging

(sometimes followed by 'to') causing harm or injury

designed or tending to discredit, especially without positive or helpful suggestions


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More damagingly, Robin Cohen observes that Soyinka misunderstood "fundamentally the working of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
But the street-cred gai ned with a new generation of activists cost him days of damagingly hostile coverage in the national press.
Other risks include an intensification of the Brazilian crisis; debt default and political turmoil in Russia and a Chinese yuan devaluation, which would lead to new round of damagingly competitive depreciations across Asia, which could spilling over into South Africa.
Most damagingly of all, the basic problem confronting the existence and life of John's church, in my view, was the nature of Christ himself, and therefore of his salvific activity; it was principally christological, and not soteriological.
More damagingly, the author's evident admiration for his subject often obstructs the task of painting a realistic portrait.
But McCanles tends to ignore such material, most damagingly when he writes his final chapter, 'Jonson at Court', dealing, above all, with patronage.
Leirner's relationship to neo-Concretism or Zittel's to the Bauhaus, not to mention the subtext of institutional critique embedded in Leirner's consumer-culture quilts, stitched together from museum gift-shop plastic bags, or the problematic of scientific behaviorism that motivates Zittel's work, are all damagingly obscured.
In one affidavit filed on April 21 of this year, Adler said that "not to check with a person whom a published story most directly, and most damagingly, concerns was a gross departure from ordinary journalistic standards.
Most damagingly for Old Etonian David Cameron is the fact that Tory heads all over Britain will be nodding in agreement with Tebbit.
There has been so much speculation, rumour and, most damagingly of
But as Martin Wolf in the Financial Times noted "nobody thought recovery would never happen under austerity, merely that it would be damagingly delayed".
Council decision-makers might choose now to consider if they would have chosen the same path had their own cash been involved, rather than the public funds which they've warned repeatedly are in damagingly short supply.
It is estimated that Stuxnet crippled around 1,000 of 5,000 Natanz centrifuges by spinning them at damagingly high speeds.
That's the beauty of getting older" Actress and director Kathy Burke "Oliver Letwin powerfully and damagingly confirms an old perception that the Tories really are selfish, bigoted plonkers" Design guru Stephen Bayley on the Cabinet Office Minister's remark that "we don't want people from Sheffield flying away on cheap holidays" "I don't like interviews, and do them very rarely.
Less damagingly, although to the considerable chagrin of odds-on punters, Zaidpour, who seemed to enjoy the easiest of races when running away with the Royal Bond, was turned over by the Mouse Morris-trained First Lieutenant in the Grade 1 novice hurdle.