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Synonyms for damaging

Synonyms for damaging

(sometimes followed by 'to') causing harm or injury

designed or tending to discredit, especially without positive or helpful suggestions


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Chemical pollutants in parts of Puget Sound appear to be damaging the DNA of fish that live there, according to findings published this month by Donald C.
At the same time, strong fluctuations occurred in the power-distribution grid in southern Sweden, damaging capacitors and power cables.
According to Liehr, it was probably damaging the prostate by bathing it in chemicals produced by the breakdown of estrogen, a process that can unleash free radicals.
The car's electrical system also is vulnerable to the damaging effects of flood water, and water-sensitive components may need to be replaced," Mazor said.
At Antelope Valley College, the gymnasium was damaged by rainwater that poured down the west wall, damaging the floor.