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Synonyms for damaged

harmed or injured or spoiled

being unjustly brought into disrepute


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If your vehicle is damaged in a hailstorm, Progressive recommends that you take the following steps:
The estimated number of Presbyterian churches in the South Louisiana Presbytery, most of them in metro New Orleans or on the nearby North Shore, that are believed to have been heavily damaged or destroyed.
Because RAID 6 can recover the lost data even when two hard disks are damaged, recovering the damaged hard disk will not be affected if there are bad sector(s) in other hard disk(s); however, if there are more than 2 bad sectors occurring in the same horizontal section, RAID 6 will meet same problem as RAID 5, but the potential is extremely low.
In 1992-1995, wind, ice storms, wildfires and insect infestations damaged some of Willamette's crop.
Before delivery to each member, American Auto Logistics will repair, replace or clean any damaged or soiled parts or components affecting the safety of the vehicle or health of the member.
Last month, Deutsche Bank, filed another lawsuit against two insurance carriers, Allianz and AXA, to demolish the building that was damaged in the attacks, saying it was too contaminated to be re-occupied.
In most cases, people with spinal cord injuries lose control of whatever muscles are linked to nerves coming off the spinal cord below the damaged point.
Some customers on the south end will be restored later today, but complete restoration of the island's heavily damaged distribution lines likely will continue late into the week, perhaps Friday or Saturday.
2) was confronted with the dilemma of finding a way to award damages to this plaintiff, who was substantially damaged by the cooperative which breached the proprietary lease even though plaintiff could not prove damages with certainty.
About 1,200 homes were damaged, 215 destroyed and 13 businesses sustained major damage.
Their allies in this effort are restoration firms that specialize in extracting water from the premises, drying out the building by circulating the air and dehumidifying it, and then restoring any damaged goods, such as paper documents, microfiche, film and diskette files.
Similarly, cells may sometimes do better to repair partially damaged proteins than waste a fair amount of energy synthesizing replacements.
In the event the premises are damaged and untenantable as a result of fire, flood or other accidental destruction, does the landlord have the right to terminate the lease?
NASDAQ: ARII) ("ARI") has substantially completed its initial evaluation of storm damage to its Marmaduke, Arkansas tank railcar manufacturing facility and the associated equipment that was damaged by a tornado on April 2, 2006.