damage control

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an effort to minimize or curtail damage or loss

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'This is one of the reasons we, as PDP, have to think ahead and take our time to start to learn how we can do the damage control. It is not about criticising all the past government, that is not our idea and style but to see where the mistakes are being made.
Lichtenberg and Zilberman (1986) argue that production function treating pesticide as traditional input fails to capture the damage control nature of pesticides.
The aim of damage control surgery is to prevent severely injured patients from developing the "lethal triad" of hypothermia, coagulopathy and worsening acidosis, as this confers a dismal prognosis.
In one such attempt at damage control, President Barack Obama will be hosting a special summit with Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) partners at Camp David on May 14.
Dr Yasser Zaghloul, Consultant Anaesthetist, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, UAE is set to discuss the importance of damage control resuscitation in the EDs across the region at the launch of the Emergency Medicine Exhibition & Congress from 2-4 Jun 2014 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.
Global Banking News-April 18, 2014--ICICI Bank in damage control mode after claims that its site could be broken into
Trauma and serious injury is on the rise all over the world.1,2 Damage control resuscitation has been popularized in the battlefield recently and is being evaluated for its applicability in the civilian setting.3,4 It differs from current resuscitation models by attempting "earlier and more aggressive correction of trauma- induced coagulopathy in conjunction with interventions designed to achieve early surgical haemostasis and control of contamination".5 The end goal of all resuscitation strategies should aim for survival from life threatening haemorrhage.
This FY year has actually been a good year as far as Damage Control is concerned.
10 June 2013 a[euro]" Danish facility services provider ISS Group said it had agreed to shed its Nordic damage control operations to investment firm Agilitas Partners LLP for an undisclosed sum.
The drill included exercises related to communication, air defense, damage control and lifesaving.
The shock withdrawal of title sponsor Barclays threw the Tour into damage control mode to find a financial backer for one of the Race to Dubai's biggest events.
It is also aimed at damage control after Pakistan-U.S.
* PhotoMedex's new DNA Damage Control is billed as a line of treatment sunscreens that feature advanced photoprotection with DNA repair technology.
Also, it ensures that all personnel receiving their pin know how to operate in high-stress conditions during a damage control mishap.
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