damage control

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an effort to minimize or curtail damage or loss

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As field observers, Liu and Woolley were able to witness a series of RAN Damage Control Exercises onboard HMAS Warramunga.
Conclusion: Temporary vascular shunt is a safe and effective modality to gain time during transfer of a patient as well as a damage control measure.
A prediction model which utilised age, preoperative lowest pH and lowest core body temperature to derive an equation aimed at predicting mortality in damage control surgery was developed in Cape Town.
Although it is too early to speak of a crisis in US-Saudi relations, there is plenty of evidence that damage control is not working as intended.
According to Dr Zaghloul, “Here at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, we treat approximately 40-50 cases of damage control resuscitation annually.
16,17 The pillars of damage control resuscitation (or DCR) is early diagnosis in ED a 1:1 ratio for transfusion of PRBC to FFP, considering use of rFVIIa early and most importantly damage control surgery or angioembolisation for stopping haemorrage as early and quickly as possible.
All of the damage control bags are designed to be used for casualty situations and should not be depleted during drill scenarios.
Country: Finland, Denmark, NorwaySector: Construction/Real Estate, Business and Consumer ServicesTarget: the Nordic damage control businessBuyer: Agilitas Partners LLP , Target's managementVendor: ISS GroupType: Divestment, LBO, MBOStatus: AgreedBuyer advisor: Marsh , PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Mercer , Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH, Ashurst LLP, Oriel
Coagulopathy clearly correlates with mortality in severely injured damage control patients.
For one, they take on the hagiography accorded the Tylenol crisis of 1982, which is almost always cited as the best example of corporate damage control in modern history.
Hone cuts across species lines and concentrates on key issues in vertebrate wildlife damage control and effective ways to reduce damage to plants, animals and humans.
The show went into damage control last night, with Cowell - known for his acerbic comments in talent shows in both the UK and US - and a series producer denying that he had heard what Richardson said.
Surely seeing the damage control that the United Church of Canada is trying to do would give them a hint.
Your BFF is on the level if she wants to help you do damage control.
Brothers, pointing out what abortion means for the baby, and giving a 7-step action plan for damage control, starting with "Cancel Clinton immediately," and ending with "if you are not sorry, resign.
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