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herb of the Pacific islands grown throughout the tropics for its edible root and in temperate areas as an ornamental for its large glossy leaves

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Subsistence resources, in particular dalo, would have been more prevalent in these regions, and could have been cultivated in dense, easily defended plots.
The background to the trial is that DALO in February 2008 terminated a contract with Saab for the DACCIS command and control system, phase two, despite ongoing negotiations for a supplementary agreement.
Chris Kendall, Director at FAUN Trackway, said: "This contract with DALO is an excellent example of FAUN Trackway collaborating with its partners to create added value.
Now there's momentum building after that loss for Dalo to go if things go wrong again against Clare.
DALO wishes a uniform solution for mounts for rifle optics and accessories kits.
In 2005, Lockheed Martin's Radar Systems business unit in Syracuse, NY (USA) received a contract from DALO to provide the radar systems along with a four-year logistics support package.
Due to deployment of the Royal Danish Air Force F-16 aircrafts to warm climatic zones (for example A1) the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (hereafter DALO ) wishes to procure four cooling carts with sufficient cooling capacity to sustain F-16 operations under these climatic conditions.
Ana Colaisala aged 21 said she had a farm with dalo, cassava and vegetables but still she lacked skills on how to plan.
How Dalo got them to do what he got them to do was unbelievable," said Fitzgerald.
DALO wishes to purchase three Airfield Sweepers, including a 2-year Initial Spare Part Package for each Airfield Sweeper, training and education in regards to operation and maintenance, including an option to purchase additional two Airfield sweepers including a 2-year Initial Spare Part Package for each Airfield sweeper.
A common message from retailers and importers is that frozen taro and cassava are very popular products; demand for fresh Dalo is very high and the cost and length of freight remains a limitation to the growth of the market.
Gyorgy Dalos, The Circumcision (Marion Boyars, 2006)
AaAaAaLeipzig, Mar 18, SPA -- The Leipzig book fair opened to the public Thursday, after Hungarian-born historian Gyorgy Dalos received an award for promoting understanding between Europeans through his work, according to dpa.
Gary Pekoe, owner of two local life sciences companies, Arkios Biodevelopment International, a consulting firm specializing in assisting small to medium size biopharma companies, and Dalos BioPharma, which produces anti-bacterial and anti-viral skin care solutions.