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tall tufted perennial tropical American grass naturalized as pasture and forage grass in southern United States

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Shaver and Beerwinkle have worked with volatiles from three gaura species, two oak species, and two willow species, as well as from grapefruit, orange, and a handful of weeds, including bloodweed, dallisgrass, and goldenrod.
When I actually moved in here a few years ago, I noted that dallisgrass had taken over the front lawn.
We then had the entire yard deeply rototilled and planted new grass from seed, which came up healthy and looked lovely - until the dallisgrass returned.
Dallisgrass is easily identified by its square-edged seedheads, which resemble those plastic lanyards you made at summer camp.
Dallisgrass persists from year to year so that, to be eradicated, it must be dug up or sprayed.
Dallisgrass seedheads can become infected with ergot which, when baled as hay, can cause ergot poisoning.
Burson and plant geneticist Paul Voigt, both 25-year veterans of apomixis studies, have also been investigating the phenomenon in two important forage grasses--lovegrass and dallisgrass.