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As for delta, Greek incursion in Egypt's river replaced daleth the door.
After some protests by Israeli travel agents, the regulation was dropped, so now cousins from the west side can learn about the marvels of Petra or Jerash and not lose a gimel or daleth.
A Daleth danced with a musk-ox"); to which Bahir added the transmigration of souls, like Solomon Gursky into Hyman Kaplansky; to which the Sephardim added cosmic cycles, as in this novel; according to which En Sof withdrew into himself, creating primordial space, scattering divine light, breaking the vessels-like Moses Berger and his liquor bottles.
In his 2007 article Morgenstern discusses assimilation of a medial daleth or taw in the vicinity of a bilabial.
El aparato en cuestion se llama Daleth, y es un preamplificador de cinco canales disenado para los amantes de a musica, que tambien dobla como una unidad de tipo High End para los fanaticos del Cine en Casa, ya que incluye un selector de video.
It should read (shaddai) but Perec writes resh ( ) instead of daleth in the middle position.
Solo me resta agregar, por ahora, el nombre del causante de todo este alboroto, para que el dia que salga a la venta y tenga la oportunidad de escucharlo, sepa como pedirlo: Daleth de Margules Audio.
6) In the transfer from Old Persian to Aramaic the first nasal, -n-, of *handaman- apparently assimilated into the daleth - thus haddamin - as also seems to be the case in at least one other Old Persian loanword, hoddu, "India" (Esth 1:1; 8:9), derived from the Old Persian and Avestan hindu-.
82-599) is given over to the entries on words beginning with beth, gimel, daleth, he, and waw.
Sokoloff correctly notes that forms spelled with waw after both the taw and the daleth are probably influenced by Hebrew: e.