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the basic unit of money in Gambia

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The Ministry of Justice continued to allocate 150,000 dalasi ($3,190) per month to NAATIP for salaries and administrative costs.
"Inflation has reversed its rising trend, reflecting the stabilisation of the dalasi and a gradual decrease in food prices.
These efforts will need to continue to turn interest rates around and reduce pressure on the Dalasi," the statement said.
The Newspaper Amendment Act forces private newspapers and journalists to execute bonds in the order of 500,000 dalasi, or approximately $20,000, an amount that is four times the previous bond requirement and so excessive that it will have the effect of shutting down the private newspapers.
CURRENCY Dalasi. The current exchange rate is 57.5 dalasi to the pound.
They will each earn 2,150 Dalasi a month - the equivalent of pounds 126.
La Trust Bank de Gambie a publie ce mercredi 28 aout 2019 les derniers taux de change du Dalasi par rapport aux principales monnaies etrangeres.
Sallah said directors who are ranked on the scale as grade 12, earned less than D7,000 dalasi per month in 2013.
Currency: Dalasi, pounds 1 is about 40 dalasi: Climate: There is almost no rainfall from November to June, with the average temperature being 30 degrees C.
IF the Pound is so strong, how come over the past year it has dropped 19 per cent in value against the Japanese Yen, 6.75 per cent against the Mexican Peseta, 6.5 per cent against both the Pakistani Rupee and the US Dollar and even one per cent against the Gambian Dalasi? The Pound isn't strong - the pathetic Euro is weak.
La Trust bank de Gambie a publie ce mardi les taux de change du dalasi par rapport aux principales monnaies etrangeres.