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People, including locals and tourists, always throw different kind of wastages, including chips covers, biscuit covers, disposables and water bottles that affects the beauty of Dal Lake.
Masoor small Rs 3,600-3,700, bold Rs 3,650-3,800, Dal Masoor local Rs 3,800-4,300, best quality Rs 3,900-4,400, Malka local Rs 4,450-4,650, best Rs 4,550-4,750, Moth Rs 3,600-4,000, Arhar Rs 3,850, Dal Arhar Dara Rs 5,900-7,800.
According to agency inputs, a police complaint was filed after which four persons, including two Bajrang Dal activists, were arrested.
While Bharatiya Jana Sangh -- as was BJP known then, merged its identity with the Janata Party, it supported the Janata Dal government of V.
Yn ogystal a'r ddwy awr ar fore Sul, mae gwasanaeth Dal Ati yn cynnwys gwefan ac ap arbennig.
Moreover, DAL Medical Services is one of the top pharmaceutical and healthcare distributors in Sudan.
Dal Dhaliwal is to front up a fitness show for BritAsia TV
Along with the treatmen,t Dal was given a tailor-made food plan for his body type.
It has been our constant endeavor to serve more and more consumers with premium quality Tata I-Shakti dals, with the merits and benefits of unpolished dals over polished ones which are widely available in the market.
Dal also commented that during the term of Bulgaria's former GERB cabinet (2009 - early 2013) there was a hidden agreement between the ruling party and MRF not to reveal each other's dirty secrets to the public.
DAL should be able to achieve its $10 billion adjusted net debt target by 2013, given its solid FCF trajectory.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-October 15, 2010--CRISIL affirms B/stable/P4 ratings on Agarwal Dal Mills(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Leading supplier of automation equipment for plastics manufacturing, Dal Maschio UK has launched a subsidiary in the UK, which has already begun trading.
The breadth and depth of the people that work in DAL is incredible," explained Colonel Robert Varela, DAL deputy chief.