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(figurative) a series of associated things or people or experiences

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flower chain consisting of a string of daisies linked by their stems

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For my part now, as an organic, non-chemical, wildlife friendly manager of a small patch of our beloved island, I would much rather sit on the lawn making daisy chains with my grandchildren and ask them whether they like butter (buttercup flowers under the chin) than rushing around cutting, spiking, scratching and spraying.
Or whether you would prefer to sit quietly, making daisy chains. I know which I prefer and I am sure my grandchildren do as well!
JUST RELAX: Make daisy chains for the family's youngsters instead of rushing about madly doing things to the lawn!
Daisy Chains held a celebration launch to mark its opening in Smith Street.
REASON TO CELEBRATE: Stephanie Collinge with manager Amanda Collett outside Daisy Chains in Smith Street.