dairy farm

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a farm where dairy products are produced


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The minister said that local Azakheli race buffalos are unique and precious that is why the government has established Dairy farm for its promotion.
This project will enable Promasidor utilise the potential of Ikun Dairy Farm in the making of milk and other products of nutritional value which helps to enhance human growth.
"The Scottish Dairy Farm of the Year award is a coveted title in dairy farming circles.
So, the authorities concerned must go for a regular check on milk seller's shops and dairy farm to prevent them from this hideous practice.
850 the number of overhead fans installed at dairy farm in Dubai
'If you start a dairy farm, you cannot run it without making feed for cattle on your own,' Mr Abbas added.
Having parliamentarians visit our dairy farm and plant, gives us a great platform to show how our products are processed and the practices we employ to provide safe and better nutrition to Pakistan.
According to Tsai, local people are reluctant to seek employment on dairy farms because of the heavy workload and a fear of big animals.
AN old dairy farm could be transformed into luxury "barn-style" apartments, subject to planning approval.
A Stewartry farmer is in the running to be named the country's top dairy farm.
A dairy farm has several sources of revenue, including milk, cull cows, replacement heifers, bull calves, and crop sales.
Bohol has been chosen as the site to develop the dairy industry with the establishment of a 5,000-head dairy farm estimated to produce 21-million liters of milk annually.
The questionnaire was comprised the information about education level and animal raising purpose, herd structure, breeding of animals, animal health problems and their treatment, dairy products and their usage, input and output of dairy farm and role of provided livestock extension services as mentioned in table-1.
The creamery makes its products from organic milk supplied by nine family farms in Marin and Sonoma Counties, including the Straus Dairy Farm, which is the first certified organic dairy farm west of the Mississippi River.