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a cocktail made with rum and lime or lemon juice

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A colleague recently ordered a Daiquiri at an upscale, multiunit restaurant brand that prides itself on a stellar beverage program.
Daiquiri Joe's is located on the same property with a bar and full menu of Joe's Caf.
Enjoy National Daiquiri Day 2018 with these six heavenly (https://www.ibtimes.com/national-margarita-day-2018-6-best-recipes-easy-delicious-cocktails-2656008) recipes.
They also toured Daiquiri Deck Sarasota-area locations in Siesta Key Village, South Siesta Key, St.
All triathletes need to do is show their medal at the bar to claim their free daiquiri cocktail.
The daiquiri is so simple, so damned gorgeous, it's worth wheeling out every once in a while when you can't be bothered heading out to get a bottle of some obscure bitters made by French nuns.
The pirate-style Dastardly Daiquiri, inspired by the character of Hook, contains edible buried treasure in the bottom of the glass and floating candy-shaped skull and crossbones.
One of these famous cocktails is, of course, the Daiquiri, taking its name from a town on the outskirts of Santiago de Cuba, where it was created.
Building on the success of its five original flavors--Classic Lime, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Watermelon Margarita, Mudslide--Cordina has added three light options, each 100 calories or less per 10-ounce serving.
Summary: A bar in Cuba creates a 270-litre daiquiri to mark Ernest Hemingway's 113th birthday
For instance, the Mojito Mix, which contains just water, limes, lemons, sugar, and mint extract, can top white rum for the classic serving or vodka for a Mint Martini bourbon for a Julep, or gin for a Lime Collins, The perfect Strawberry Daiquiri can be had with the addition of a little rum or use vodka or tequila for a Strawberry Martini or Margarita.
For cheats' cocktails, simply open a sachet of Funkin cocktail mixer, such as margarita or strawberry Daiquiri, pour into your prettiest cocktail glass, add one measure of spirit, ice and any fruit or twirlers that you fancy.
Competitors each had five minutes to create a modern version of a classic Cuban rum cocktail, such as a daiquiri or mojito, as well as show off their talents with their own unique concoction.
j j Googling a runner Strawberrydaiquiri 2.10 Sandown A variant of a cocktail believed to have been invented by American engineers working in the Daiquiri mine near Santiago, Cuba in 1905.