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Synonyms for daintiness

the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance

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Tynan was not impressed by Vivien Leigh's performance though and wrote: "She picks at the part with the daintiness of a debutante called upon dismember a stag" and described her Lady Macbeth as "more niminy-piminy than thundery-blundery, Max rehearsal Twelfth more viper than anaconda.
Kenneth Tynan said of Leigh's performance as Cleopatra: "She picks at the part with the daintiness of a debutante called upon to dismember a stag.
A tree-dwelling sloth's climb down to ground level for its weekly bathroom break may not be pointless daintiness.
The festival is also celebrating the exquisiteness and daintiness of human emotions and devout spirituality of Hindu religion.
The lady tulip, Tulipa clusiana, has perfect poise, but despite its daintiness it commands the attention of all who see it.
Faust was right, the artist is heir to the daintiness of French rococo--but he is also patriarch of the saucy seaside postcard.
She also has the option to radiate daintiness and femininity with their Sweet Caroline Collection.
I am more of an active person and lack the creativity and daintiness required to create an artistic person.
In Heywood's summary of the Iceni leader's life, for example, Bunduca offers a series of contrasts between Brittonic fortitude and Roman weakness or daintiness (Exemplary 75-77), much of which can also be found in Bonduca's opening speech in Fletcher's play (1.
Too often condemned for bringing raw power and athleticism to an arena where daintiness and frilly knickers was once the norm, we shall miss the Williams sisterhood when they are gone.
Kenneth Branagh's entire career has been doomed by daintiness, poisoned by prissy polish.
All the charm and daintiness of the ferret are described in the pages of this small chapter book with delicate tinted illustrations.
And, in time, no matter, Bontecou's practice has become all of a piece, logically coherent, moving as it does from works of hulking menace to damselfly daintiness.