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the usual activities in your day


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He also visits the islands of Vanuatu, where he meets flying doctor Mark Turnball, who takes him up in his plane on his daily rounds - to the island of Mota, where Arthur is roped in to a spot of bush dentistry, pulling teeth without anaesthetic.
The national average cost of a daily round trip commute is USD12.
The new service will include four daily round trips in either direction, with additional service on weekends.
IT'S World Series of Poker time again, and here are two sites worth adding to your daily round if you've caught the bug.
American Eagle will operate one daily round trip between the two cities, using a 70-seat Canadair CRJ-700 regional jet.
From April 10, 2006, the new agreement allows JAL to also place its 'JL' flight number on the following daily round trip flights operated by Hainan Airlines between Beijing and the cities of Kunming and Xian.
The airline also will be changing the times for its three other daily round trips between the cities, spokesman Morgan Durrant said.
Besides being a residence, the domus was a business space, a place of display and a lobbying platform; every morning the paterfamilias received his clientes for the daily round of arrangements, tasks, errands, favours and gifts.
The cooperation covers five daily round trip flights between Oslo in Norway and Stockholm in Sweden and begins on 3 May.
For Rivane Neuenschwander, however, it becomes something else again: a poetic artifice, an unexpected, offbeat accent to the daily round. To make Found Calendar (all works 2002), the Brazilian artist, who attended London's Royal College of Art, simply collected bits of paper (tickets, ads, bits of packaging--just about anything but an actual calendar page), each bearing a printed or handwritten number from one to thirty-one.
29, when American Eagle begins one daily round trip between St.
Our modes of communal distraction have multiplied and internetted so all-absorbingly that our daily round gets tied up in the illusion of total worldwide connectedness, while our personal schedules keep us dashing from meeting to meeting, car phones at one ear, radio chatter in the other.
Grand Central's service from Sunderland to London has suffered numerous disruptions since launching daily round trips on December 18.