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Synonyms for dag

Synonyms for dag

a flap along the edge of a garment


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Management is so much easier - I certainly don't miss having to do the dipping and dagging.
In their first month, our level 3 learners have been involved in preparing the ewes for tupping, including dagging and inspecting teeth, udders and feet.
Benefits include lower labour costs associated with dagging and shearing, and the animals are less prone to fly strike and dags.
He says getting rid of it reduces parasite problems, and eliminates sharing, dagging, crutching and cleaning bellies before sending sheep for slaughter.
Shearing before the main risk period where possible, dagging around the back end at other times, especially if there is faecal staining and adhesion, careful management of wounds to avoid infection and foot trimming to help control footrot/ovine digital dermatitis which can also attract the blowfly.