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Synonyms for dag

Synonyms for dag

a flap along the edge of a garment


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92 % percentage were achieved in performance for OneR, J48, naive Bayes, dagging, and bagging, respectively, when applying the hybrid technique.
This was exactly the attribute that attracted him, however: he wanted a hassle-free management system that would save him a pound-a-ewe on the shearing contractor, and do away with the annual drudgery of dagging and dipping.
The aim is to have ewes that lamb outside, and shed their felt-like weatherproof wool, needing no shearing, dagging, foot trimming or drenching.
In their first month, our level 3 learners have been involved in preparing the ewes for tupping, including dagging and inspecting teeth, udders and feet.
Benefits include lower labour costs associated with dagging and shearing, and the animals are less prone to fly strike and dags.