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a removable centerboard on a small sailboat that can be lowered into the water to serve as a keel

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The daggerboard is a movable appendage to the hull, which can be stowed out of the water for manoeuvring or deployed beneath the water surface," explains Durocher.
The daggerboard of the Mollymawk broke during training earlier this month.
A statement from race organisers said: "For two of the boats (the other being Jacques Dewez of France in Blue Shadow) the race has come to an end with early retirements from one of the favourites, Ross Hobson, whose trimaran Mollymawk suffered a broken daggerboard.
Navigator Jeff Cuzon checked the depth and said we must tack but these boats take a long time to turn so we damaged the daggerboard before the race started."
The new Rambler 88 has a water ballast of 2,800 kilograms, along with 4.84-metre daggerboards, which are more inboard than Commanche and angled, to create lift as well as reduce leeway.
Foils will include twin rudders and a daggerboard forward.
STIRLING Installation of two external ATMs and one night safe, installation of new glazed shop frontage including roller shutter, and installation of new external plant located at basement loading bay at Units 22 and 23 The Thistles, Goosecroft Road forThe Royal Bank Of Scotland Group PLC; Alterations to daggerboards at Railway Station, Goosecroft Road FK8 1PF for Network Rail; Demolition of valet building and erection of new wet and dry valet buildings at land adjacent and south east of Mitsubishi, Kerse Road for Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd; Extension at 5 Chamfron Gardens, Balquhidderock FK7 7XU for Mr and Mrs Kerr;Two-storey extension to rear at 7 Melfort Drive FK7 0BD for Mr Robert Allan.
Appendages: Maximum of two rudders and two daggerboards
"The new V60s will have rotating wing masts, probably no daggerboards, and minimum water ballast," he outlined.
Boats premiering included the towering topsides of the Catana 53 that sported carbon daggerboards and polar diagrams showing boat speed matching wind speed at 16 knots.
"When we were looking for technical expertise in the structural engineering of the carbon fibre daggerboards that support the boat in flight, it's hard to think of a better place to go than our TIG partner BAE Systems," said Sykes.
He is back with a 2015 his Ker 56, Varuna VI, built in Kiel, with a canting keel, double rudders and daggerboards. It was built for an Atlantic anniversary regatta from Bermuda to the Lizard in 2018 and a series of regattas building up to it.
As luck would have it, key internal structure that accommodated the keel, rudder, daggerboards, DSS wing, rig and overall sail plan required no alteration.