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Synonyms for dag

Synonyms for dag

a flap along the edge of a garment


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The court disposed of the petition on the DAG's assurance while directing the DAG to refrain from prolonging the matter.
Moreover, it was suggested that the addition of DAG helped in slowing down the rate of feed passage through the digestive tract, thus allowing better absorption and digestion of nutrients present in the diet (Sayed, 2009).
To further complicate matters many fell in marshy areas or, like Dag, in waterlogged ditches.
Today, most visitors who arrive at the no-frills Yanar Dag visitors' center come for the spectacle rather than religious fulfillment, said the article.
He said that Union Coop plays a great role in promoting knowledge and culture within the community, a trait shared by DAG as well.
The DAG replied that Zulfi Bukhari was stopped in the national interest and later he was allowed to leave the country by use of discretionary powers.
Dehradun (Uttarakhand) [India], Mar 29 ( ANI ): Supreme Court Lawyer Manoj Gorkela has been appointed as the new Deputy Advocate General (DAG) of Uttarakhand by the state government.
During the hearing, the Senate Secretariat through a deputy attorney-general (DAG) produced the record before the court related to the step-by-step procedure adopted for introducing and approving the Elections Act, 2017.
Islamabad -- Deputy Attorney General (DAG) has challenged Jurisdiction of Court on petition filed against conviction of Sharjeel Khan in Islamabad High Court (IHC).
Earlier when the hearing started in the morning, the bench inquired of a Deputy Attorney General (DAG) representing federal government that where the report of Raja Zafarul Haq committee was.
According to a (http://www.asianage.com/life/more-features/090118/man-falls-to-his-death-off-mountain-while-trying-to-get-picture-on-birthday.html) report  by Asian Age, the deceased, Halil Dag, was taken to a local hospital by onlookers after his 164-foot fall from the cliff.
Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Manzoor Khalil and Additional Advocate General (AAG) Waqar appeared before the bench for representing federal government and provincial government respectively.
Significant differences were observed for LAI among genotypes at 42 to 63 days after germination (DAG) and then at maturity (Table 1).