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Synonyms for daftly

in a mildly insane manner

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If all that sounds mind-bogglingly bewildering and as daftly Japanese as a robot sushi chef, then rest assured Child of Eden also makes perfect, brilliant sense in the flesh.
The quintessential illustration of this reality is indeed the tenure of ex-Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan (1987-2005), who, from being an ardent bullionist went on to become one of fiat money's most appreciated stewards: the transition was splendidly consistent, and yet the gold-bugs stubbornly refuse to see it thus, choosing instead, daftly, to condemn the likes of Greenspan as traitors.
Shots at comedy include Rice Plate's advisor Rowdy MBA ( Raju Sundaram), who walks, talks and shrugs with Kamal Haasan swagger, and Murugun's lost love, Locket Lover ( Anu Menon) who yells at him daftly from his locket.
Letters are welcome, but may be edited for daftly and space.
Humorist Beth Birnbaum wryly prods Christian authors and entrepreneurs who deftly, if daftly, co-opt popular cartoon characters--even the Simpsons--to promote religious messages.
Lichtenstein here was not relying on elements of his style to provide a signature, crutch, or shtick, but instead daftly and sensibly employing them as tools in elegant, playful abstractions.
Daftly subtitled "Confronting Jewish Self-Hatred" (next week: Macbeth: Confronting Regicide), it comes freeze-dried with its own scholarly responses--a series of appended essays, including one by a professor of rabbinism.
Given its language-simultaneously broad yet vague - the majority decision written by Justice Anthony Kennedy leaves open the possibility that the Court will have to daftly its position on gay rights at some future point.
The speech is a daftly lurching soliloquy ("The world must be peopled!"), and every Benedick I've seen who's brought the lines to comic life has addressed them casually to the audience, in conversational rhythms that bring out the process of self-delusion underway in the character's mind.
The Reds did daftly seem to declare at 2-0, which merely invited Watford to attack - and set up a tense finale when Andre Gray made it 2-1 on 65 minutes.
It's far more exciting and daftly entertaining than you could hope for, and it's one family game this Christmas which won't leave you feeling, er, board.
It's called, rather daftly, a Sport Tourer but it's just a Megane estate.
Obviously all sportspeople need to practise - except when it comes to penalty shootouts, as so many professional footballers daftly tell us - so who knows how many hours of viewing pleasure could be at our disposal.
Not just for his infidelity - that's just a hiccup in an other-wise sound marriage - but because he was daftly naive and, worst of all, got himself found out.