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Synonyms for daemon

an evil supernatural being

a person who is part mortal and part god

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The Edinburgh-born performer is part of a star cast including Watchmen and Downton Abbey's Matthew Goode, Teresa Palmer, Owen Teale, Alex Kingston and Trevor Eve in a show about how the conflict and unions between witches, vampires and daemons operates in the modern world.
Demansys' Grid Daemon has been used in a diverse range of commercial and industrial applications.
I made a mistake on my phone keypad and have paid with my career DAEMON JOHNSON
Daemon of the Dark Wood will please any reader who relishes a well-written tale of ancient knowledge and hidden dangers, and those who fight to keep the human realm free of unbridled evil.
Eventually, Lyra goes north to rescue a kidnapped friend and makes the acquaintance of aeronaut Lee Scoresby and his rabbit daemon Hester, as well as witches and militaristic armored polar bears.
Pullman's multiple manifestations of the visual in the novels--by way of images (as with the daemon, the alethiometer, and the spyglass) as well as via modes of visual representation, spectatorship, and acts of visualization-often function as means for character and thematic development in His Dark Materials.
Continuing the superbly crafted action/adventure fantasy Daemon Knight' series that began in 2007 with "FireDrakes" (9780978382407, $14.95), author David Korinetz has now published "Sorceress", the second in this riveting series.
Users will benefit from Data Deposit Box's continuous backup, although for Mac computers, the client is a background daemon that always runs even when no one is logged in.
Drowne said of the Hughie Morrison-trained four-year-old: "She wants a bit further already and she's got a future as her family get better with age but, hopefully, there's a nice little race in her this term." William Muir's Lyra's Daemon made every yard in the hands of Martin Dwyer to collect the 1m2f handicap and left the trainer under no illusion that there is better to come..
Unfortunately, albeit for obvious practical reasons, not every character who should have a daemon is actually given one.
THE STORY: When video game designer Matthew Sobol dies of brain cancer at 34, the online posting of his obituary activates a deviously constructed "daemon," a program that runs behind the scenes and wreaks havoc on computer networks around the world.
No wonder she puts out all her solo efforts on her own Daemon Records imprint rather than release them through a larger label.
There, he and his daemon friend Hester discover a plot hatched by evil oil tycoon Larsen Manganese, local mayoral candidate Ivan Poliakov, and Pierre McConville, a dangerous hired killer.
It is once you see Coulter's monkey daemon (an animal companion manifestation of the subject's soul that walks alongside them) heavily petting Lyra's daemon that you are finally able to understand who you are following and what to watch out for.Lyra leaves with Mrs Coulter at the prospect of going to the north.