daddy longlegs

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long-legged slender flies that resemble large mosquitoes but do not bite

spiderlike arachnid with a small rounded body and very long thin legs

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Gavin Price used hoppers and daddy longlegs tweaked across the surface to catch and release 15 and then nine rainbows; Ethan Bowen caught well on a buzzer under a strike indicator and other double figure catch and release returns have been taken using lures on an intermediate line.
The Daddy Longlegs, although having three legs on one side and two on the other, had obvious difficulty in moving as well as loss of balance, while the huntsman, which had lost the first three legs on one side, and which I didn't see move, travelled only a short distance and appeared badly incapacitated.
Actually, in reality, the daddy longlegs is not very poisonous, but it was a fun way of proving a point.
But wouldn't it be good if, every now and again, they sat at the table, where dad is carving the joint and mum is stirring lumps out of the gravy and granny is preparing stories about the good old days - when people said grace and everyone knew the words to the songs and there was a little more time to consider the wonders of a daddy longlegs walking upside down?
AI suspect they are pecking out leatherjackets, the grubs of the daddy longlegs. Provado lawn grub killer should do the trick.
Completing the range, COSi's new Daddy Longlegs mascara with a two part application combines a unique base coat liquid with a separate, cutting edge mascara filled with small fibers to lengthen and define lashes.
Meanwhile, witches' brooms serve as a safe haven for daddy longlegs and pseudoscorpions.
Point two is the control of insect pests such as leatherjackets, the larvae of the crane fly (daddy longlegs).
They will be among 90 children to be invited from seven countries, including the United States, Afghanistan, Uganda and Colombia, according to the Tokyo-based group, Ashinaga, which means ''daddy longlegs.''
Spiders belong to a group called arachnids (a [rak.sup.1] nids), which also includes scorpions, mites, ticks, and daddy longlegs. Arachnids have hard protective shells called exoskeletons that protect and support them.
For instance, we are allowed to retain sexist names for nonhumans, such as alewife, timothy grass, daddy longlegs, sweet william, and myrtle.
Four years ago, paleontologists searching for fossils in a Scottish quarry found a cornucopia of carboniferous amphibians and arthropods, including the oldest known amphibian and the earliest daddy longlegs spider (SN: 4/13/85, p.237).
Daddy longlegs are harmless - despite being scary looking
Ken Bowring kept up his boat fishing form with seven, five and four rainbows taken on hoppers and emerger patterns on his three visits while Ken Pascoe used a sunken daddy longlegs to put five then three on board during his two sessions.