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Synonyms for dactyl

a metrical unit with stressed-unstressed-unstressed syllables

a finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates

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201705295) A paper Tuesday in the journal Advanced Materials, led by David Kisailus of University of California, Riverside, discussed one of the two interior regions of the dactyl club.
Dactyl will provide a higher level of efficiency whether they work in archaeology or as crime scene scientists.
Opposable margin of propodite without pilosity, bearing 11 to 18 teeth; dactyl moving sub horizontally, opposable margin bearing nine to 15 teeth.
Dactyl thorax index (DTI) = (Cannon bone circumference/ Heart girth) x 100.
The fact that Greek had a number of verse feet (anapest, dactyl, trochee, spondee) but only a single phonological foot (moraic trochee) shows us that the feet used in meter and the feet used in phonology and prosodic morphology MUST BE distinct.
The VAT inquiry started with a nationwide VAT crackdown codenamed Operation Dactyl in which Customs officials raided hotels up and down the country.
In contrast, the moon known as Dactyl, which the Galileo spacecraft discovered and photographed when it flew past asteroid 243 Ida in 1993, measures about 1.
10) The jarring rhythm given by [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (self-contained contracted dactyl following blunt ending in the previous line) compounds the difficulty, though it is not, I think, indefensible in itself.
The dactyl is elongate and overreaches by half its length the tip of the propodus.
Actually, it's Dactyl Nightmare, a new arcade game that employs the technology of virtual reality (VR).
AG Could you speak about the dactyl, a form you have worked on for many years?
On that day, NASA's Galileo spacecraft flew by asteroid 243 Ida en route to Jupiter and made a profound discovery--a tiny moon later named Dactyl (last month's issue, page 28).
There is no question if you have a brand-new facility, it will (make) an impact--especially if it's AEG, because it is so involved with music," Rose Bowl general manager DacTyl Dunn says.
That last line is supposed to have only three beats, so she is writing a dactyl followed by two iambs.