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Synonyms for dactyl

a metrical unit with stressed-unstressed-unstressed syllables

a finger or toe in human beings or corresponding body part in other vertebrates

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This shows the importance of further studies in the interplay between all the microstructural building blocks in mimicking the 3D helicoidal alignment of the exoskeleton structure of the mantis dactyl club in the design of enhanced fracture toughness of the biomimetic synthetic materials.
Professor Thompson has now launched Dactyl, an app which provides digitised models of bones and skeletons, allowing users to zoom in and out, access notes and add their own information on specific features of interest.
The height slope (HS), length index (LI), body index (BI), pelvic index (IP), dactyl thorax index (DTI), body ratio (BR), Baron and C revat (BC), compact index (CI), balance, area index (AI) and relative cannon thickness index were found to be 3.43 0.29, 1.14 0.02, 86.87 0.85, 92.49 2.54, 9.82 0.38, 0.93 0.01, 93.18 2.86, 5.48 0.23, 5.63 0.23, 3355.13 48.84 and 12.95 0.14 respectively.
Try breaking off either the fixed finger or dactyl portions of the claws with a pair of needle-nosed pliers before trying to rig the crab.
There have been attempts to commercialize VR before, notably the "Dactyl Nightmare" arcade game and the Nintendo Virtual Boy some 20 years ago.
dactyl. PUBLICATION in Gardey & Lowy (eds.), L'invention du naturel ...
Among the poetic forms included are rondeau, terza rima, limerick, tetractys, cinquain, sonnet, pantoum, haiku, double dactyl, and epigram.
He is correct that dactyl does not properly describe it.) But Holmes emphasizes Tolkien's description of the poem starting each "stanza" quickly and then slowing down (given to Donald Swann when he was composing music for its setting); presumably the slowed recitation approaches an iambic rhythm, with the secondary stresses becoming obvious.
Stride length is the distance between two successive placements of the dactyl (Fig.
Pessary It's a wild boar, ventures a friend, duped by the dactyl peccary, while to me sheer euphony suggests Pessary (n.) The voile wound in an X to lift and separate damsel breasts or A garment undergirding chastity or how about A rosary of semi-precious stones (carnelian, say, or cherry amber) pinned to a nun's hip.
Paul E Dactyl Still thinking Nathaniel will win it.
We can bolster the allusion, however, by observing that in Statius's use of the adjective percussum (hammered) there could be an oblique reference to Celmis's Dactyl brother Damnameneus, whose name means "Hammerer." Indeed, the traditional triad of Dactyls could be completed by the reference in the next line to the "Sicilian anvil" (Siculaque incude, 278): the third Dactyl brother was often named Acmon or "Anvil." (28) All this provides some lexical basis for a more generally accessible mythological intertext.
After freezing the animals, we severed their claws, examined the dentition of the cutting surfaces, and measured propal height, propal length, propal depth, dactyl length (L2), and the distance from the claw's pivot to the insertion of the closer muscle apodeme (L1; Fig.
In 1993-1994, the spacecraft imaged the asteroid Ida, revealing for the first time an asteroid with a small circling satellite (Dactyl) (Figure 10).
The installation features a virtual reality (VR) headset, which is reminiscent of W Industries' (later Virtuality) 1991 arcade game Dactyl Nightmare.