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small European grebe

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MULTAN -- The Punjab Wildlife department has imposed a ban on hunting of partridge, however, hunting of dabchick or Murghabi will continue till March 15, officials said on Thursday.
Brewery: Mallinsons Brewing Company Name of new drink: Dabchick 4.1 Regular or Special Edition: Special Edition When did it become available: Monday, December 3, 2012 On Tap or Bottled : On Tap Description: We have been very lucky to be allowed to use some amazing photos taken by local birder and photographer Will Forestt, and the names we use are the local name for birds which we know by more familiar names.
Sophy throws a stone and kills a dabchick; Matty throws a shoe, causing Henderson to fall to his death (Dicken-Fuller 45).
Such groups who think it wrong to kill grey squirrels, and who liberated mink only to find the water vole, dabchick and dipper paying the price for their actions, do nothing at all to help our precious countryside.
Peter Fitt, commodore at Dabchicks, Clark's sailing club in West Mersea, Essex, said while Clark may have won one of the world's most prestigious sporting accolades she was still one of the locals.