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a nucleoside component of DNA

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dThd and dUrd were measured by a gradient-elution HPLC method as described previously (11).
The protein content of the supernatant was assessed by the bicinchoninic method (13), and 100-250 [micro]g of supernatant protein was incubated with 10 mmol/L dThd in reaction buffer (0.1 mol/L Tris-arsenate buffer, pH 6.5) in a total volume of 0.1 mL.
The TP gene was sequenced as described (8) in those patients with increased plasma concentrations of dThd and dUrd, markedly decreased TP activity, or both.
TP activity, dThd and dUrd measurements, and TP gene sequencing were performed by two postdoctoral researchers or a technician, all with extensive experience in laboratory management.
Measurement of the dThd and dUrd nucleosides in plasma revealed increased concentrations of both nucleosides in all of the MNGIE patients, whereas no pyrimidine nucleosides were detected in the other groups (Table 1) (11).