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Synonyms for czar

a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917)

a person having great power

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Furthermore, government by czardom is not a popular notion, and for good reasons.
The red banner and sickle is no longer the national flag, though some lament the new one: a return to tricolor and the double eagle of czardom. But if Russia can make the transition to a free market while remaining grounded in the best of its Orthodox heritage, and embrace the new while retaining the old--the very old--in fifty years a nation may rise in grandeur and more glorious than we can now imagine.
All that has gone before-the overthrow of Czardom in Russia, the constitutional struggle in Germany, the establishment of a Soviet Government in Hungary, the revolt against tyranny or constraint in all quarters of the globe-are only the preliminaries of the great revolution to whose support the friends of freedom must now rally everywhere.
Petersburg Academy, in the west of the vast Czardom. Within a few months, three scientists set off on a long journey.
To this end, Robert Conquest notes, in a review of The Gulag Archipelago the difference between the evils of the Tsars and those of the Soviet Commissars: "And, in peacetime, at the height of the [Stalinist] terror, a minimum of just under a million were executed in two years - that is, a rate about fifty thousand times as great as that of sixty years of czardom back to Nicholas I" (Ericson, 1993, p.