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the degree to which something is toxic to living cells

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These findings, along with previously published work by independent laboratories, have led to the hypothesis that patients with high levels of CA125 have an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment that may potentially enable cancer cells to escape immune-mediated cytotoxicity, including ADCC.
In our continuous search of lead molecules to fight MDR in cancer, we designed the present study to investigate the cytotoxicity of five alkaloids, including a furoquinoiine montrofoline (1) and four acridones: l-hydroxy-4-methoxy-10-methylacridone (2), norevoxanthine (3), evoxanthine (4) and 1,3-dimethoxy-10-methylacridone (5) towards drug sensitive and drug-resistant cancer cell lines.
The objectives of this study were to manufacture [beta]-lg nanoparticles with various sizes and surface charges by changing heating temperature, to determine the relationships between the particle size and surface charge of [beta]-lg nanoparticles and their cellular uptakes in Caco-2 cells, and to evaluate the cytotoxicity of [beta]-lg nanoparticles.
The obtained results of the cytotoxicity testing of aqueous extracts of the samples on Hela cell line showed that the highest cytotoxicity concerns with Anabaena 88 at the dose of 10 mg / mL.
However, this promising advantage comes with two major shortcomings: the considerable cytotoxicity of silver nanoparticles on human cells and their inefficiency in fight against bacterial biofilms.
Here we show that the effects of neuroactive steroids on AMPA cytotoxicity display features distinct from those on NMDA cytotoxicity.
Maximum cytotoxicity by fruit extract was observed against HeLa Human cancer cell line.
The combination treatment induced greater growth inhibition than either single treatment resulting in the highest cytotoxicity in both LNCaP and PC3 cells, independent of hormonal status.
Food & Drug Administration (FDA) ISO 10993-5 for cytotoxicity, and ISO 10993-10 for irritation and sensitization testing requirements.
The 2009 Frost & Sullivan European Drug Discovery Product Innovation Award is presented to Xenometrix AG in recognition of its active role in the production of single and multiple endpoint cytotoxicity assays.
And, in the current study using gold nanoparticles, there was no evidence that they produced any cytotoxicity, absent exposure to an RF field.
Nippon Shinyaku will also launch its proprietary cationic liposome, LIC, as an efficient carrier of RNA into the cytoplasm with low cytotoxicity.
Preclinical studies conducted at Cornell University also found that REOLYSIN(R) in combination with platinum drugs enhanced the cytotoxicity of the chemotherapeutic agents.
HuMax-ZP3 potently exhibits the Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC) and Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC) immune system killing mechanisms against ZP3-expressing tumor cells, Genmab said.