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a base found in DNA and RNA and derived from pyrimidine

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The concentrations of cytosine, total nucleic acid bases and pyrimidine bases were significantly affected by the interaction of lactation stages and time of sampling.
The compounds thymine (T), adenine (A), uracil(U), cytosine (C)guanine (G) 99% purity were purchased from sigma Chemicals Co.
These data indicated that full methylation of internal cytosine occurred most frequently in all the four types at CCGG context in the maize genome.
5-mC can be further modified to 5-hydroxymethyl Cytosine (5-hmC) by the TET family of methyl-cytosine dioxygenases.
The genotype A generally has cytosine (C) at position 1858, according to the studies by De Castro et al.
A cannula and osmotic pump is surgically inserted into mice with either artificial cerebral spinal fluid or anti-mitotic agent cytosine arabinoside (AraC).
The treatment for acute myeloid leukaemia in general, with curative intent, would consist of induction chemotherapy with DA (daunorubicin and cytosine arabinoside) followed by consolidation with further chemotherapy, the type of which (e.
In the study, appearing in the current issue of PLOS ONE, researchers reviewed health records for 58 adults with the disease and compared the effectiveness of three chemotherapy treatments vinblastine/prednisone, 2-Chlorodeoxyadenosine, and cytosine arabinoside.
Geneticists who discovered a "sixth nucleotide" in the DNA alphabet found that two modifications of cytosine, one of the four bases that make up DNA, look almost the same but mean different things.
Because the SNAP71 reagent cleaves the Salmonella DNA only at the adenine and guanine sites, and not at thymine and cytosine sites, the technique is not a direct replacement for DNA sequencing.
Citation: "Base-Resolution Analysis of 5Hydrox y methyl cytosine in the Mammalian Genome;" Miao Yu et al.
Exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) has been associated with epigenetic alterations, including genomic cytosine methylation.
Because the reagent cleaves the Salmonella DNA only at adenine and guanine sites, and not at thymine and cytosine sites, the method is not a direct replacement for DNA sequencing.
Cytosine deaminase is employed in the so-called suicide gene therapy to treat tumours.