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the intact cytoplasmic content of a cell

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Electrofusion of these oocytes, made of the patient's karyoplasts and the donor's cytoplasts, resulted in five "reconstructed" zygotes that were transferred into the patient's uterus.
These cells can be repopulated with mtDNA of the investigator's choosing by fusion of these cells with enucleated cytoplasts or with platelets (which lack a nucleus but contain mitochondria and mtDNA).
Iron loading of staphylococci increased their killing by [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] macrophages, and neutrophil-derived cytoplasts but not by neutrophils (27).
Hence, culture conditions and preparation of oocytes that function as recipient cytoplasts as well as the species employed appear to be the main factors for the success of iSCNT.
After the insertion of the transfected donor cells into cytoplasts, GFP protein is supposedly dispersed into the cytoplasm of oocytes and GFP is produced in the cytoplasm as well (Petters and Wells, 1993; Kato et al.