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the intact cytoplasmic content of a cell

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Differential cytoplast requirement for embryonic and somatic cell nuclear transfer in cattle.
Xu et al., "Effect of cytoplast on the development of inter-subspecies nuclear transfer reconstructed goat embryo," Molecular Reproduction and Development, vol.
Influence of oocyte aging on developmental ability of reconstituted embryos produced from oocyte cytoplast and single blastomeres of two-cell stage embryos.
(22) The adult nucleus placed into the egg cytoplast (the egg cell without its own nucleus) is not the functional equivalent of what is formed by the union of sperm and egg.
Zhang said "extensive molecular-biological investigations to evaluate the mitochondrial DNA makeup of the human fetuses in this case could detect no carryover of mitochondrial DNA from the patient into the donor cytoplast."
Subsequently, the defects were covered with nonresorbable dense polytetrafluoroethylene membranes (dPTFE; Cytoplast Ti-250; Osteogenics Biomedical, Lubbock, TX, USA) without additional bone grafting, as previously described [6].
First, each cytoplast without polar body was dropped over a single transgenic fibroblast and fused in fusion medium containing 0.3 M mannitol, 0.1 mM MgS[O.sub.4] and 0.01% (w/v) polyvinyl alcohol in a 450 fusion chamber (BTX, San Diego, CA, USA) by a single direct current impulse of 2.0 kV/cm for 9 [micro]s; secondly, each cytoplastsomatic cell pair was activated with another cytoplast in specific medium (fusion medium with 0.1 mM Ca[Cl.sub.2]) using a single direct current impulse of 0.86 kV/cm for 80 [micro]s.