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However, very little is known about the molecular mechanism of cytoplasmic inheritance of organelles and its implications for the early evolution of eukaryotic cells.
M., "Cytoplasmic inheritance of the organization of the cell cortex in Paramecium aurelia" in Proc.
As cytoplasmic genome markers, cpDNA and mtDNA PCR-RFLPs may shed light on the origin of one parent, which is especially true for polyploid plants with uniparental cytoplasmic inheritance (Soltis et al., 1992).
In fact, the plastid function of some cells is to support the formation of other cells--for example, the tapetum and the vegetative cell--whereas others, especially sperm cells, sometimes contain plastids responsible for biparental cytoplasmic inheritance and thus are directly involved in the reproductive process.
The presence of [Mathematical Expression Omitted], [Mathematical Expression Omitted], and [[Sigma].sub.[D.sub.o][D.sub.m]], or other factors such as uniparental or cytoplasmic inheritance could have inflated some phenotypic covariances and thus violate the assumption of independent and random error terms (for models incorporating cytoplasmic inheritance, see Lynch and Walsh 1998).
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