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We defined a ground truth for this quantity as the proportion of pixels within a given region that represent nuclei, cytoplasm, stroma, and white space.
Baker and Lumsden (2000) reported that fibrosarcoma had elongated nuclei, marked anisocytosis, frequently large nucleoli and round or bipolar basophilic cytoplasm. A male dog (0.9%) was diagnosed with osteosarcoma with features of round, plump to fusiform cells surrounded by pinkish osteoid materials.
Assessment methods (percentage scale of staining intensity and semiquantitative scale) correlated significantly (p<0.001) in both nuclei and cytoplasm, with Spearman correlation coefficient of 0.905 for nuclei and 0.786 for cytoplasm.
However, until recently, to our knowledge, there have been no descriptions of the cell behaviour and properties of GH in domestic animals, namely, whether pGH can be internalized into the cytoplasm and be translocated to the nucleus.
A second camp showed data suggesting that uncoating takes place early and in the cytoplasm.
In the 1960s, researchers discovered another structure inside the cytoplasm called lysosome.
The cytoplasm of the endothelial cells was less positive and fluorescence intensity of the neuronal cytoplasm and glial cytoplasm was increased.
Key words: CMS line, maintainer, restorer, WA cytoplasm, quality traits, rice hybrids.
A similar process of combining an egg's cytoplasm with an adult cell nucleus led to the cloning of Dolly the sheep.
The vital element of our life is known as a cell and is generally resides of plasma membrane, cytoplasm, nuclear envelop, nuclear membrane and nucleus.
The purpose of this procedure is prevention of genetic diseases with mitochondrial defects in which the defective mitochondria in the cytoplasm of the mother's egg is transferred to the embryo.
The heterogeneous cell configuration grew into mosaic by virtue of the membranous architectures in the vicinity of the cytoplasm. The establishment of those conglomerate cytoplasmic membranous organelles in 2D axisymmetric geometry was absurd therefore 3D geometry was constructed.
These cells appear bland and contain moderate amount of cytoplasm; nucleus is prominent.