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A second camp showed data suggesting that uncoating takes place early and in the cytoplasm.
Although these classic features are seen in most low-grade tumors, the morphologic spectrum of high-grade CCRCC includes granular to eosinophilic cytoplasm, papillary/pseudopapillary architecture, and sarcomatoid/rhabdoid features.
The cytoplasm of the endothelial cells was less positive and fluorescence intensity of the neuronal cytoplasm and glial cytoplasm was increased.
The bioexpression of PKC[delta] from the cytoplasm to membrane was determined by Western blot analysis.
Key words: CMS line, maintainer, restorer, WA cytoplasm, quality traits, rice hybrids.
Stem cell researchers had known that egg (or oocyte) cytoplasm contains some special unknown factors that can reprogram adult cells into embryonic-like stem cells, either during egg-sperm fertilization or during artificial cloning procedures like those that created Dolly the sheep.
In extracellular medium, which is domain 1, BPDE forms tetrols after undergoing the hydrolysis process and diffuse to the second domain that is cytoplasm.
Nucleus transfer from the mother's egg with mitochondrial defects or egg cytoplasm to the donated egg in which the nucleus has been removed,
The primary components of cell are: cellular membrane cytoplasm nuclear membrane and nucleus.
DISCUSSION: Granular cell tumor is a mesenchymal tumor, probably of Schwann cell origin, with tumor cells showing abundant eosinophilic granular cytoplasm.
Smears and filter preparations were cellular and composed of predominant dissociated and occasional clusters of variably sized neoplastic cells, some with uniform granular cytoplasm and some with flocculent cytoplasm having well defined cell borders, round to oval nuclei without nucleoli and irregular nuclear membrane giving a "raisinoid" appearance (Figure 1a).
The cytoplasm in some sections became electron-lucent, devoid of ribosome and contained dense bodies and membrane whorls.
Microtubules closely invest the nucleus, now tetrahedral in shape, and radiate into the cytoplasm (Fig.