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of or relating to or causing pathological changes in cells

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To exclude presence of non-EV-71 strains in our virus stocks that caused the cytopathogenic effect in the neutralization assays, we plaque-purified viruses incubated with or without the polyclonal serum from rabbits and a selection of the IVIg batches.
Plaque-reduction assay (PFU), cytopathogenic effect (CPE), immunoassay (ELISA): The antiviral activity of Bioaron C[R] was measured with plaque-reduction assays (Cooper 1955) in plaque forming units (PFU) for FluA (H1N1, H3N2), FluB (Yamagatal, Beiying) and Para 3, RSV, HRV 14, CA9 or with analyses of a cytopathogenic effect (CPE) for Adeno 5.
Keywords: Inclusion body hepatitis hydro pericardium syndrome; Vero cell line; Live attenuated vaccine; Cytopathogenic effect
After occurrence of a cytopathogenic effect in a culture, the supernatant was harvested and stored at -20[degrees]C for DNA extraction.
The analyses of the plaques (plaque forming unit = PFU) and the cytopathogenic effect (CPE) were performed 3-7 days later.
A positive result was defined as a serum sample that showed a lack of cytopathogenic effect at a dilution of 1:160 (9).
Flasks were incubated at 37[degrees]C and observed daily for evidence of cytopathogenic effect (CPE).
Characteristic VZV cytopathogenic effect was seen after 9 days in cell culture.
Poliovirus/PVSRIPO causes drastic, rapid cytopathogenic effects leading to gross morphologic changes and cell detachment.
Viruses from the culture supernatants of 293A cells that showed cytopathogenic effects were purified by cesium chloride banding.
The influenza H1N1 was found to induce severe cytopathogenic effects in a dose-dependant manner, however the cells treated with RGE displayed decreased viral cytopathogenic effects and reduced cell death caused by the virus.