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of or relating to or causing pathological changes in cells

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The bottom panel indicates the approximate percentage of cells exhibiting cytopathogenic effects in cultures at the corresponding intervals after infection.
Plaque-reduction assay (PFU), cytopathogenic effect (CPE), immunoassay (ELISA): The antiviral activity of Bioaron C[R] was measured with plaque-reduction assays (Cooper 1955) in plaque forming units (PFU) for FluA (H1N1, H3N2), FluB (Yamagatal, Beiying) and Para 3, RSV, HRV 14, CA9 or with analyses of a cytopathogenic effect (CPE) for Adeno 5.
Keywords: Inclusion body hepatitis hydro pericardium syndrome; Vero cell line; Live attenuated vaccine; Cytopathogenic effect
In CSF we found a rapidly growing cytopathogenic virus in Vero cell culture (unpublished).
The viruses may directly infect the glomerular cells and induce a cytopathogenic effect.
Specific detection of cytopathogenic Listeria monocytogenes using a twostep method of immunoseparation and cytotoxicity analysis.
This method allows the subsequent typing of the isolate by neutralization assays but is rather slow because some serotypes require up to 3 weeks to show a cytopathogenic effect (3-5,9,13).
No cytopathogenic agents were isolated, but we found nitrate and sulphate concentrations that exceeded maxima for human consumption and recreation.
PENZBERG, Germany -- To understand overall infectivity, virus progression and disease-onset it is important to perform a detailed examination of cytopathogenic effects.
The neutralizing titer was calculated on the basis of the number of wells showing cytopathogenic effect by using the Spearman-Karber method and reported as the reciprocal titers of serum dilutions that exhibited 50% neutralization.
These cytopathogenic alterations could be due to increased process of lipid peroxidation resulting to increased generation of intracellular reactive oxygen and nitrogenous species (Campos-Pereira et al.
Routine examination for cytopathogenic effects using phase-contrast microscopy was performed following Hay's haemadsorption protocol (Hay, 1992).