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a thin membrane (a double layer of lipids) enclosing the cytoplasm of a cell

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The expression of both of AQP-5 and SPC was observed on the cytomembrane and in the cytoplasm of distinct subset cells, respectively.
If CD20 and CD5 nanoprobes are hybridized in situ with MCL, CD20, and CD5 antibodies should be in response to CD20 and CD5 antigens on the cytomembrane of MCL according to the interaction rule of antigens with their specific antibodies.
[CD4.sup.+]/[PD1.sup.+] TILs showed red cytomembrane and brown cytoplasm, and [CD4.sup.+]/[PD.sup.-]TILs showed red cytomembrane (Figure 3).
This phenomenon may prove the hypothesis that K+ ions in vacuoles are replaced by excessive cytoplasmic Na ions for the maintenance of cytoplasmic K+, and then the protection of cytomembrane in Swiss chard.
MDA is the metabolite of lipid peroxidation damage, and it can be regarded as a symbol to evaluate the damage extent of cytomembrane which is induced by free radical [32].
Axin is recruited to the cytomembrane nearby, thereby preventing [beta]-catenin from being degraded by complexes composed of Axin, GSK3, APC, and CK1, among others.
The cytomembrane was in brown in small-size cancer tissues and dark brown in middle-size to super-size CRC tissues.
After the MPPAE intervention, the cytomembrane was intact, but the cytoplasm shrunk and still presented as long, thin fibers.
Immunohistochemistry results of cross-linking assay showed UL128 protein binding the cytomembrane receptors of PBMC.
Jin, "Constant or fluctuating hyperglycemias increases cytomembrane stiffness of human umbilical vein endothelial cells in culture: roles of cytoskeletal rearrangement and nitric oxide synthesis," BMC Cell Biology, vol.
This instantaneous rise in [Ca.sup.2+] consequently activates the [Ca.sup.2+] pump in the SR and [Na.sup.+]-[Ca.sup.2+] exchanger in the cytomembrane. Finally, the [Ca.sup.2+] pump and [Na.sup.+]-[Ca.sup.2+] exchanger transport the [Ca.sup.2+] into the SR and out of cardiomyocytes, and the [[Ca.sup.2+].sub.i] decays immediately thereafter.
Living spirulina had photoelectric conversion effect and could transmit the photo electrons by its photosynthesis out of its cytomembrane in spirulina biosolar cell.
The soluble form mainly exists in the cytoplasm, while the membrane-bound form sticks to the cytomembrane. Both forms are important for energy metabolism and participate in the activation of the chitin synthesis pathway in insects (Tang et al.
Effects of Atractylodes macrocephala on the cytomembrane [Ca.sup.2+] -activated [k.sup.+] currents in cells of human pregnant myometrial smooth muscles.
Practical ways to correct cytomembrane surface densities for the loss of membrane images that results from oblique sectioning.