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the branch of biology that studies the structure and function of cells

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Both clinicians and cytologists often confuse the risk of clinically significant disease (ROCSD, however one wishes to define it) with the ROM.
In our study for pattern analysis, the smears from solitary thyroid nodules were reviewed by cytologists, who were blind to the routine cytological and histopathological diagnosis.
It also gives better results than cervical cytology because most often the cytologists reporting are under trained, they are overburdened and it also requires very expensive equipment as compared to VIA technique which requires just routine instruments used in Gynae clinic.
The cytological smears were evaluated by two independent gynecological cytologists who were blinded to the study procedures.
Richardson begins her analysis with the study of how those chromosomes that we now call the X and Y were first discovered by cytologists in 1890s and how they later became widely known as the sex chromosomes in the 1920s.
As histologists and cytologists we frequently receive requests lacking critical, and at times, any, clinical information.
and Hospital) provide a valuable tool for cytologists learning and honing their skills in fine needle aspiration of the thyroid.
In the field of cytology a comprehensive laboratory information system can help cytotechs, cytologists, and laboratory owners efficiently meet the needs of the lab as a business, including streamlined workflows, regulatory compliance, and superior reporting capabilities.
"Because the Cell-CT uses the exact same imaging mechanism but extends the image from 2D to 3D, pathologists and cytologists can almost immediately use this technology to make more accurate measures and earlier diagnoses," he wrote in an e-mail message to Clinical Chemistry.
These tumours may pose diagnostic difficulties for the clinicians and cytologists because of their presentation at unusual sites.
He said the system included the latest fully automated slide processor, three integrated imagers, a fully integrated, interactive self-contained computer imager combined with specialised review microscope to assist cytologists and pathologists in screening.
These include dermatopathology in association with dermatologists, lymphomas, breast pathology, renal pathology (paediatric and adult), soft-tissue and bone tumours, gynaecological pathology, liver and gastrointestinal pathology (paediatric and adult), paediatric pathology and cytopathology in association with cytologists and molecular pathology/genetic pathology.
Although Edmund Beecher Wilson, one of the leading cytologists of that time suspected that not only heteromorphic bivalents (or univalents), but all bivalents experienced reduction at first division (Wilson 1925), the confusion persisted in the following papers by Carothers (1917, 1921, 1926, 1931) in which she studied segregation of heteromorphic bivalents of several other orthopteran genera such as Circotettix, Trimerotropis, Mecosthetus and Amphitornis.
Personal time off work, the employment of screeners, cytologists and all the transport and administrative staff in the industry, not to mention the allocation of public time, money and resources.