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However, the sensitivity of cytological test is variable greatly according to experience of the cytologist and other conditions.8 Since Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has the potential to overcome pap smear limitation, and Multiplex PCR is a variant of PCR that several target sequences are simultaneously amplified in the same reaction, therefore, the purpose of the present study was increasing the sensitivity and shortening the time of diagnosis of HPV infection by Multiplex PCR assay.
Examples of management reports vary by lab, but some include per-test cost analysis, supply cost analysis, turnaround time review, or workload details by specialty (cytology, derm, GYN, etc.) and by level (pathologist, cytologist, transcriptionist, etc.) Any information that is captured by the LIS can be mined in the form of a top-level overview report for the laboratory managers/owners.
Pap smear was done in the outpatient department and was sent to cytologist for reporting.
Maddie Leach's video The Most Difficult Problem, 2013, for example, takes its title from the memoirs of the cytologist James Bronte Gatenby, who studied a specific type of New Zealand glowworm.
NOTE: The following book review was submitted by Debora Bilinski, CT(ASCP), a cytologist in Ithaca, NY.
The false--negative fraction for Papanicoloau smears: how often are "abnormal" smears not detected by a "standard" screening cytologist? Arch Pathol Lab Med.
Geoffrey saved the other until his wedding day to Greek cytologist Maria Keffalinou in 1955.
Thoracic and abdominal mesothelioma in a dog: a cytologist's view.
Two specimens were collected from each patient: a) FNA- where Breast aspiration was made by surgeon in charge and cytologist. The palpable lumps were aspirated using 10 ml disposable syringe.
However, a clear explanation of the crossing over process owed much to the work of an extraordinary cytologist working alone in Belgium: Frans Alfons Ignace Maria Janssens (1863-1924) (Fig.
The endoscopist, pathologist, cytologist, and physician performing the NMP22 BladderChek[R] and NMP22 tests were all blinded to the results of the other tests.
Human papillomavirus testing by hybrid capture appears to be useful in triaging women with a cytologist diagnosis of ASCUS.
She was a cytologist at Worcester City Hospital for more than 20 years until the hospital closed.
Analysis by an experienced cytologist is critical for accurate interpretation of FNA biopsy results[9].