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of or relating to the science of cytology


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DISCUSSION: Cytological examination of serous fluids has increasingly gained acceptance in clinical practice to such an extent that a positive diagnosis often is considered the definitive test and obviates exploratory surgery.
TVT cases were confirmed based on cytological examination of nasal swab samples.
Cytological examination of pleural fluid revealed primitive blast cells with high.
Diagnosis were made by physical and cytological examination of localized tissue by fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC).
Cytological examination of nasal swab sample revealed large number of round cells (Fig.
And a free clear cystic fluid was drained out and sent for cytological examination.
Cytological examination of impression smear revealed large cluster of round to polygonal epithelial cells (Fig.
In the current study 1 case was diagnosed as benign phyllodes on cytological examination in a patient aged 45 years.
The cytological examination revealed tight clusters of small uniform cells with hyperchromatic nuclei, scanty cytoplasm, high nuclear cytoplasmic ratio and indistinguishable cell border.
In this study, the cytological examination of patients revealed a prevalence of 17.
Though prostatic fluid was hemorrhagic in only three dogs, RBC'S were identified on cytological examination in two more dogs.
The cytological examination was performed using conventional smear, cytospin, and cell block preparation.
Cytological examination of nodules detected either clinically or by ultrasound in a patient with hyperthyroidism is suggested to exclude malignancy.
Cytological examination of nipple secretions revealed clusters of glandular cells characterized by mild pleomorphic appearance and presence of several inflammatory cells.
Co-relation of Clinical diagnosis Vs FNAC: All cases were subjected to cytological examination (FNAC), out of 45 clinically diagnosed fibroadenomas, 41 came out as fibroadenoma (91.