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of or relating to the science of cytology


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For the purposes of cytological sampling, the colposcopic cervical image was acquired.
Although the present study is a retrospective analysis, however attempted to assess the role of cytological diagnosis based on the Bethesda system of reporting thyroid cytopathology in the diagnosis of PTC in a high incidence region.
Additionally, 2 cows were excluded due to the failure of passage into the cervix during the cytological sampling at week 4 post calving, while fluid could not be recovered from 2 cows by LVF.
The cytological grade of the tumour was correlated to the histologic grade to assess the concordance between the two grading systems.
Cytological sampling of endometrium was performed using a SAP-1 sampler (Saipujiuzhou Co.
Cytological grade of the tumor was assessed by Robinson's grading system (table-1)6.
No study has been reported that describes the frequency of these cytological changes in the oral squamous cells of HIV/AIDS patients taking or not taking ART.
Cytological analysis indicated significant differences in relation to the type of cells presented in the analyzed content.
6) Thus, definitive cytological diagnosis of serous effusions is sometimes unattainable on cytomorphologic grounds alone, and ancillary studies are needed in such instances; and over the last decade, it has become clear that of all the available methods, immunocytochemical stains are superior in the diagnostic workup of effusion cytology.
Starting in 1983, preventive gynecological examinations with cytological testing were available for all women age 18 and over.
The best method of early detection of precancerous lesions of cervix is cytological examination of Pap smears.
The cytological diagnosis depends on the anatomic site of presentation and the entities commonly found at these sites.
Among the topics the author addresses are: cell wall composition and structure, chitin, fungal glucans, proteins, cytological aspects of cell wall synthesis, and cell wall growth and expansion.
Background: Combined cytological and histological preparation via one - shot fine needle aspiration can be evaluated, especially in outpatients.
In a recent study, it was reported that the prevalence and severity of cytological alteration was higher among symptomatic contact lens wearers but severe changes were also noted among asymptomatic soft contact lens wearers (6).