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any of a class of plant hormones that promote cell division and delay the senescence of leaves

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Thiadizuron (TDZ), a synthetic phenylurea-type cytokinin, has been applied for micropropagation in Solanum tuberosum (Sajid and Aftab, 2009) and in Stevia rebaudiana (Ghauri et al., 2013), shoot regeneration in Heterophragma (Akram and Aftab, 2011), and in Populus ciliata (Aggarwal et al., 2012), shoot multiplication in Bryophyllum (Naz et al., 2009), somatic embryogenesis in woody plants (Huetteman and Preece, 1993) and for regeneration and enhancement of flavonoids in Silybum marianum (Khan et al., 2014).
When used alone, the cytokinin has also been effective for the cultivation of other forest species such as Cedrela fissilis (NUNES et al., 2002), Albizia odotorissima (RAJESWARI; PALIWAL, 2008), Quercus semecarpifolia (TAMTA et al., 2008), Caesalpinia echinata (ARAGAO; ALOUFA; COSTA, 2011), and Amburana cearensis (CAMPOS et al., 2013).
They were MS medium supplemented with single cytokinin, cytokinin in combination with IBA and cytokinin in combination with IBA and ADS.
In this cultivar, we found the same effect that high cytokinin to low auxin ratio was suitable for shoot proliferation.
[28] a sit was found that cytokinin will be induced by decapitation of the shoot apex and stimulate axillary bud outgrowth.
The ratio of cytokinins to auxins in the culture medium is a crucial determinant for primordial induction and shoots formation.
It was observed that when increased the concentrations of cytokinins with auxin, shoot induction also increased.
To study the effect of different BAP, TDZ and Zeatin concentrations on shoot regeneration from the nodal segments, PLBs induction and propagation, a range of cytokinin concentrations (0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0 [micro]M) were added to half-strength Murashige and Skoog (1962) medium supplemented with 5% of Mas banana (AA) extract.
Two Agrobacterium tumefaciens genes for cytokinin biosynthesis: Ti plasmid-coded isopentenyltransferases adapted for function in prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells.
Then researchers demonstrated they could make such blobs of tissue grow into either roots or shoots depending on the ratio of two critical plant hormones, auxins and cytokinins. Later, a pair of research teams demonstrated that providing the right regulatory chemicals to undifferentiated carrot cells could make them start forming an embryo.
Suttle says compounds that increase abscisic acid or ethylene levels lengthen dormancy, while chemicals that block abscisic acid and ethylene synthesis--or stimulate cytokinin synthesis--accelerate sprouting.
tumefaciens, but these require either the continued presence of the bacteria or a supply of auxin and cytokinin (Morris, 1995).
Cytokinin, another type of hormone affecting shoot development, might be altered to make plants such as soybeans generate more or larger seeds or to make vegetables and flower cuttings stay green for weeks in the market.
Cytokinin help to reduce the flower tissue sensitivity to ethylene and thus increase vase life of tuberose cut spikes.