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of or relating to cytogenetics


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Chromosomal analysis was performed on the patient according to standard cytogenetical procedures.
Cytogenetical studies on cold-water fishes with special reference to trouts, snow-trouts, mahasheers and common carps.
Renal cell carcinomas with papillary architecture and clear cell components: the utility of immunohistochemical and cytogenetical analyses in differential diagnosis.
Aerva javanica shows anti-microbial [1], anti-hyperglycaemic [6], cytogenetical [7], cytotoxic [8], anti-plasmodial [9] and anti- diarrhoeal [10] activities.
A cytogenetical point of view (Orthoptera, Caelifera, Eumastacoidea).
While this modulation may only be secondary to some other primary action, the researchers were able to detect, via histological, cytogenetical, immunofluorescence, ELISA and immunoblot assessment, not only a modulation of the signaling proteins involved in the pathology, but a statistically significant improvement in the condition.
Although these approaches can be simple and reliable, inferences regarding taxonomical specificity, genetic structure and species divergence need to be further consolidated by conducting a cytogenetical analysis.
Within Andropogon and its sections there are tight groups with well defined morphological and cytogenetical characters.
To determine whether the assay was optimal for the screening of genomic copy number alterations in the subset of polyposis patients, we analyzed 23 negative controls and 1 positive control (the cytogenetical deletion at 5q).
The problem of preparation quality in pholcid cytogenetical research has been highlighted by several authors (see Araujo et al.
stephensi and Chaudhry and co-workers described current technologies (molecular, cytogenetical and morphological) available to identify this species.