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of or relating to cytogenetics

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Slides were examined under light microscopy and minimum of 20 metaphases were analyzed and interpreted according to the international system of cytogenetic nomenclature (ISCN).
Cytogenetic analysis was performed on bone marrow samples directly after aspiration and following 24 h short term culture (McCoy's 5A culture medium, 10% FBS) without mitotic stimulation.
Because the effects of low levels of IR are difficult to be shown by epidemiological studies, it is preferred to be shown using cytogenetic studies (9).
Heparinized bone marrow samples were collected and conventional cytogenetic analysis was performed by Giemsa trypsin banding technique.We analyzed at least twenty metaphases by Cytovision semi-automated image analysis system.
Newly diagnosed patients with CP-CML who received Sprycel achieved a cumulative complete cytogenetic response rate of 64% as early as six months into treatment, exceeding the defined threshold of clinical interest and increasing over time to 94% at 24 months.
The first child died at birth and after cytogenetic analysis, it was established that the child had Down syndrome.
The cytogenetic analysis confirmed that both the genotypes were stable, diploids and high pollen fertility.
The aim of this study was to calculate the frequency of complex cytogenetic abnormalities in malignant and non-malignant hematological disease in 6-year period at a single institution.
Amongst many cytogenetic abnormalities found in B-cell ALL, we are describing the coincidence of hypotriploid chromosome number in a patient admitted in Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center in the department of Oncology.
They then underwent the cytogenetic technique of C-banding (Sumner, 1972) and analyzed using a Jenaval light microscope (Zeiss).
Many clinical trials use cytogenetic and FISH data to stratify patients according to specific risk factors.
BMS has said that the efficacy endpoints comprise of cumulative major cytogenetic response rate among imatinib-resistant or intolerant patients, as well as cumulative complete cytogenetic response rate in newly diagnosed patients.
Through the date the first fetal karyotyping via amniotic fluid by Steel and Breg in 1966, "cytogenetic analysis" has still great value in prenatal diagnosis.
This cancer type progresses rapidly and is relatively fatal due to acquired genetic and/or cytogenetic aberrations.