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Synonyms for cytogenesis

the origin and development and variation of cells

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Subsequently, FGF21 stimulated lipolysis in adipose tissue and cytogenesis in the liver.
Elevation in plasma ACTH concentration, on the other hand, had little effect on cell proliferation at the innermost portion of zG, suggesting that cytogenesis in this region was regulated by a different mechanism from that in the ACTH-regulated region.
Ishimura, "Daily regeneration of rat adrenocortical cells: circadian and zonal variations in cytogenesis," Endocrine Research, vol.
Spatial impairments have been observed in conjunction with decrements in DG cytogenesis following both fractionated [43, 44] and single-dose WBI [45, 46].
The matrix cell and cytogenesis in the developing central nervous system.
Moreover, cementoblasts can also express OPG and RANKL and can modulate osteoclast cytogenesis (Boabaid et al.
reported a higher frequency of normal cytogenesis and Flt3 gene mutations of internal tandem duplication in patients with cuplike blasts than normal morphology, although it was statistically insignificant (14).