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the cellular composition of a bodily structure

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Atrophic antrum-gastritis in children was characterized not only by the alteration of mucosal cytoarchitecture (the reduced volume of foveae and glands), but also by the reduced number of functionally mature cell forms responsible for the production of extracellular matrix components and basal membranes, the absence of which in paraepithelial localization results in the change of specific properties of basal membranes and, subsequently, the reduction of environmental resistance of epithelium.
The study of "connettoma" of the the brain or the cytoarchitecture of this organ helps to simulate and to shed light on the shortcomings of the network, the cause of many mental illnesses paving the way for new drug targets, so as to attack the disease from a structural point of view.
The unique cytoarchitecture of human pancreatic islets has implications for islet function.
23] The most important criteria is cytoarchitecture.
The specificity of the association to the prenatal period is in line with several other lines of evidence that suggest a prenatal origin of ASD, including data on differences in brain cytoarchitecture in brains of children with ASD (McFadden and Minshew 2013; Stoner et al.
Effect of aqueous extract of Rauwolfia vomitoria root bark on the cytoarchitecture of the cerebellum and neurobehaviour of adult male wistar rats.
The HandE stained slides of Group B showed slight disruption in the normal cytoarchitecture of the ovarian tissue.
Abnormal laminar cytoarchitecture and cortical disorganization of neurons, but not of glia, were noted, according to Rich Stoner, Ph.
Olszewski and Baxter's Cytoarchitecture of the Human Brainstem, 3rd Revised Edition
However, normal cytoarchitecture was observed in the low dose of the seed and in both doses of Cuscuta australis stem, respectively, as shown in Figure 1.
The cytoarchitecture is similar to those observed in other crustaceans.
Voluntary exercise alters the cytoarchitecture of the adult dentate gyrus by increasing cellular proliferation, dendritic complexity, and spine density.
This result is attributable to the fact that these oils form a portion of the membrane cytoarchitecture of a variety of cells.
DMSO significantly reduces astrocytic hyper-reactivity (gliosis) in the areas of the cerebrum affected by arterial embolization and, although it does not diminish the loss of neuronal immune reactivity, it prevents the changes in cytoarchitecture that might be related to neurotoxicity.