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Synonyms for cystolith

a calculus formed in the bladder

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Inflorescences are loose; subtending floral leaves have a sparse covering of capitate-sessile glandular trichomes; perigonal bracts have relatively few capitate-stalked glandular trichomes and many cystolith trichomes.
(1992) was performed mid ventral laprotomy followed by cystotomy and removed rhomboid shape cystolith. Increased intake of fresh water decreases the risk of calcium stone formation (Finlayson 1974).
Some have a bulge at the base, due to the presence of calcium carbonate crystals (cystoliths); they overlap each other like fish scales.
This report describes clinical, radiographic, ultrasonographic findings and chemical composition of urethral and cystoliths in a pug and its successful surgical management.
A study evaluating the morpho-anatomical features of leaves of different mulberry cultivars fed to domestic silkworms found that higher amounts of idioblasts, cystoliths, and epidermis, as well as a lower proportion of parenchyma, were the least desirable characteristics (Okamoto and Rodella, 2006).