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hernia in which the urinary bladder protrudes through the wall of the vagina

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Vaginal prolapse of the anterior wall of the vagina (cystocele) along with the uterus or apex (in a woman with a prior hysterectomy) can cause kinking of the urethra and lead to urinary residuals and urinary tract infections (Wong, Mei, Wieslander, & Tarnay, 2017).
Histological studies found lax urethral support due to reduced collagen content on the SUI patients which did not appear on the cystocele subjects [32, 37].
In our case, it confirmed the existence of an intrapelvic bladder, which eliminated the hypothesis of a cystocele which could be mistaken for the vulvar cyst, and the existence of upper urinary tract malformations.
On gynecologic exam at that facility, she was thought to have a moderate cystocele. Abdominal X-ray and computerized tomography (CT) with and without contrast showed possible small bowel obstruction.
In 1951, Levin proposed the term of "scrotal cystocele" to indicate a large scrotal hernia of the urinary bladder [3].
Most commonly this might represent bladder prolapse (cystocele).
There I was to have American Medical Systems Perigee transvaginal mesh implanted into the anterior wall of my vagina for recurrent cystocele. That was in 2010.
Biocompatible porcine dermis graft to treat severe cystocele: impact on quality of life and sexuality.
Atrophic vaginitis, catheterization, declining functional status, cystocele, incomplete emptying, incontinence, and history of premenopausal UTIs are all risk factors for recurrent UTI in postmenopausal women.
In March 2015, an anterior colporrhaphy and posterior perineoplasty were also performed to correct a cystocele.
As expected, the accompanying cystocele (56.5%) and uterine prolapse (56.5%) were more frequent than the control group.
cystocele, was the most common dominant prolapse noted (n=231, 79.4%) followed by prolapse of the middle and posterior compartments.
Vaginal mesh erosion after transvaginal repair of cystocele using Gynemesh or Gynemesh-Soft in 138 women: A comparative study.
Bladder outlet obstruction may be due to cystocele, neurogenic bladder or a foreign body in the bladder.